1964 GTO


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PHS documented 64 GTO. dk blue (orig silver) w/black interior, ps, pdb, remote mirror, padded dash, console, 4-speed, tri-power 428 (and a correct 64 tri power block) spinner caps, red line radials, am radio.

Engine: 1969 428 with correct 64 GTO 389 heads and tri-power. engine is .030 over, balanced, mild cam, heads reworked w/all new components and hardened seats. dr chain, hv oil pump ect. engine has about 2-3000 miles on it. car comes with a 64 389 block coded for tri-power, which was removed from car when 428 was built and installed. Tri-power is still vacuum operated w/all orig 64 tri-power components! engine compartment is very clean and correct. Engine runs very strong!

Trans: M20 muncie, rebuilt w/new clutch, pp and throw out bearing. correct 64 GTO shifter and console

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This car has lived inside a barn for the past 10 or so years being driven 2-3 times a year to keep it up. it is a great driver quality GTO, and very unmolested. its not often you find a 64 in this condition that has not been restored, just kept up and maintained. Have had a lot of questions on the 389 block. It was tired and had spun a rod bearing and the owner wanted a stronger engine so the 428 was built and cosmetically made to look as a 389


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