1967 427 Corvette Coupe

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Finally finished!!!

 I took the coupe to Corvettes of Carlisle 2002, Had a photo shoot for corvette fever ( Feb 2003 issue), celeb pick from Jerry Burton (Corvette author, writer & historian), and won the popular vote trophy for best midyear at Carlisle!!. Took car to Carlisle 2005, received celebrity pic from Dana Forrester, renowned Corvette Artist.

Next week took car to bowling green 2002, had photo shoot for Corvette Lifestyles Magazine (now defunct), and received a celeb pick from Chip Miller (founder of Carlisle events, Corvette Collector and historian).  It was great to sit and talk with Chip. Since his untimely passing in 2004, I really cherish the signed plaque and handwritten note he gave me, a True advocate to the old car hobby.

Thanks to all!






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