The Bandit Hunter

the backstory: Tyler Hambrick calls me, "hey I need a cop car built to use as a stunt car for The Bandit Jump, something we can do some donuts, chase the jump car, and possibly X?X?X?X...what do you know of? and can it be a Pontiac?" um Tyler, that's only 3 weeks away...looks like we got a long way to go, and a short time to get there....

I guess every Hero needs a villain, and this is must be the villain

and so it begins..the building of "The Bandit Hunter"

 Victim: one well used/saved from the crusher 1972 Pontiac Grandville, missing a few things, no running gear, and prior front damage, but none the less, fits the budget, its here, so its perfect for what I need to make a 70's GSP (Georgia State Patrol) look alike.

its the afternoon of Friday, June 9th, the car has to be ready by the 23rd, and besides what I am doing to it, it needs a few days at another location to be equipped with safety devices to protect the stuntman (who in this case is renowned stuntman Thom Williams). and Thom needs the car by next Friday (6-16-17) if at all possible...OK...lets get the car to the shop, tear it apart and see what needs to be done...

its the weekend, and my employees are off for the much needed rest they will need it to survive the next has expressed his desire that I not put in the old worn out Pontiac 350 I had sitting around, and that he would like at least enough power to be able stay with (read catch easily) the Bandit Jump Trans Am, so with the help of Keith Slappey, we successfully build a "nice" Pontiac engine from parts already sitting around in the shop. the original long tail T400 is also sourced (thanks Yngwie!!) as well as the driveshaft and some of the missing parts. hopefully the engine will go in Monday.

Monday is a busy day, we quickly paint hood and trunk lid silver (car will be blue and silver) knowing that with the treatment this car will get, no need to make them perfect, just mainly to look good for pictures. rough in some of the bodywork, install the engine and trans, and the nose panel I ordered comes in.

Tuesday brings a new set of problems...the nose panel, while it looks correct, is it looks like the best option is to modify what we already have, so we cut and custom make the parking light panels, and now the nose is a 1 piece instead of the original 3. anyways, we do manage to get the radiator in, pulleys, brackets, power steering, alternator, driveshaft, headers, gas pedal and cable, hoses and more done, car should be running and driving by tomorrow..hopefully as we plan on painting it on Wednesday...

Its now Wednesday, I threw a tag on it from one of my prior TA's and named the car "The Bandit Hunter". so far today we installed the ignition system, fuel pump and lines, carb, belts, fluids, started on the first turn of the key, NICE...drove it over to the paint booth, and its going to be painted blue and silver tonight...tomorrow its scheduled for lettering.

another late  night, and while far from our best came out pretty decent, wish I was not under the time constraints...but knowing the outcome of this car, its more than adequate...figure we've only had 3 working days into it so far.

its 4, and I am worn out..but car is blue and silver and running. should get lettered today then off tomorrow for the safety mods.

many thanks to Clint Robinson for lettering the car, a fellow firebird owner, he has done a fantastic job on the Bandit Hunter.

Now its Friday, time to wrap up the little things and be done right...not so...we got bad news last night that the company that was going to install the safety equipment on the car has backed out. either way we will get done what needs to get done. exhaust is installed, front bumper and push bar going on, finishing up the brakes, and waiting on Jeff from Engineered Performance to come and install a posi.

Posi in, brakes done, car is now running and hard and very long ready because the bandit hunter is looking for you...

While the bandit hunter gave a valiant effort, the Bandit was for the most part victorious...what a great event, what a great group of people. I feel honored to have provided not only the Bandit Hunter, but the Hero Trans Am was also built and brought to the track by us. This was for done for our veterans, of whom we owe our freedom. Thank You!!!


lots of people looking for information on the schedule of events, thanks to Jan Turner for this information:

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JUNE 2017 from Sat 6/17/17-SAT 6/24/17 Bandit Run Itinerary:

WED 6/21/17 Franklin, GA-Article about Snowman's Run & Bandit Run WED 6/21/17 lunch:

THURS 6/22/17 The Smokey & The Bandit Movie Bus Tour in Jonesboro, GA:

FRI 6/23/17 The Smokey & The Bandit BBQ & Car Show in Jonesboro, GA:

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