1977 Macho Trans Am # 5

1977 Pontiac Macho TA # 5

1977 Macho Trans Am

A few Facts on this Macho TA:

 One of only 26 built in 77

one of only 4 known still left.

This is the earliest known Macho TA and reported to be the first to use this now famous paint scheme.

This car is complete, runs and drives, and still wears its well worn original paint. It still has all its original numbers matching driveline. The Western wheels (Mags) shown in the pics are the original wheels installed by DKM.

Macho TA's are the only 70's version of the now famous dealer tuner cars of the 60's, Yenko, Berger, Baldwin Motion, Nicki, Royal Bobcat, Mr Norm, ect.

26 built in 77

202 built in 78

96 built in 79

There were a few after the fact cars built that were not sold by mecham, they were customer cars done after the end of the production year. Examples are 78 # 203, 78# 204, and 79 #206. 205 is out there somewhere, I am unsure if its a 78 or a 79, but it would seem to be a 79.




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